Nationwide Platforms REST API

The Nationwide Platforms API is a REST API that provides a simple, consistent approach to requesting and modifying data. REST stands for Representational State Transfer which is an architectural software style in which standard HTTP request methods are used to retrieve and modify representations of data. This is identical to the process of retrieving a web page or submitting a web form.

In a RESTful style of API, data resources are allocated unique URLs and manipulated through standard HTTP verbs (methods) such as:

·         GET to request a resource

·         POST to create a resource

·         PUT to change a resource

·         PATCH to update/modify a resource

·         DELETE to remove a resource

REST uses the existing features of the HTTP protocol and does not permit the designer to define application specific operations. Also, because each resource has a globally unique URI and is able to make use of the GET method for resource requests, these APIs benefit from existing network components such as caches, proxies and intelligent routing.


The JSON data format

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is an open, standard format for storing and exchanging data. It is easier to use than XML and more compact. It can be used as a data format by any programming language, which makes it ideal for HTTP-based API services.


API specifications

The API specifications list in the Developer's API suite, documents all of the available Nationwide Platforms public API operations, from reading machine hire data to submitting a machine hire change for the users organization.


API specifications for all Nationwide Platforms API operations are documented using OpenAPI specifications.