Nationwide Platforms API overview

Our APIs let you retrieve information about your account and manage your account through well defined APIs. The data returned is live and real-time, and is simple to use and understand.

Our initial release will focus on helping you manage your account with us so that you can view machines that are currently on hire, what machines are due to come off hire, view previous hires including a billing summary.

There are plans to release an instant-quote feature as well as many more APIs. We will publish more information about upcoming APIs and features once we are out of the beta stage.

The Nationwide Platforms development team is committed to creating a backwards compatible API that you can safely and securely integrate into your own systems and applications.

Beta release

The Nationwide Platforms APIs and Developer Hub are currently at a beta release stage. We are going through a process of user engagement to improve the API and documentation.

All of our APIs are versioned. Once an API is released, the API specification will not change.

Before you start

If you are new to the Nationwide Platforms APIs, take a look at the get started guide, which has resources and information to help you.